Pete Rees


Empire Cycles

Meet MTB Garage rider Pete Rees. Pete’s been riding bikes from the early age of four from BMX to racing mountain and downhill bikes in his teens. He bought an Empire MX6 EVO frame from us and soon after we caught up with him for a chat at an enduro race event and after arranging a few local ride outs we got to know him well. He impressed us with his knowledge and passion for riding mountain bikes along with his commitment to training and maintaining his fitness levels, so we were delighted when he agreed to ride for us. Last year saw Pete produce a number of top race bike results, we are extremely proud to continue our support of Pete Rees along with our new sponsors for the oncoming enduro mountain bike race season.  Pete’s own blog can be read here:

Empire Cycles

Empire Cycles is a unique British bike designing and manufacturing company in the North-West of England. They are passionate about using great British engineering to create elite products and we offer innovative designs to the world’s mountain bikers and downhillers. Cyclists are fanatical about their equipment and differentiate quality. They know that a trust in their bike’s performance means they can ride to their full potential. Empire Cycles provides cyclists with bikes that are unique in design and appearance, are of the highest quality, and invest in British engineering.  All Empire frame parts are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the UK without exception.



Rubena a leading European rubber producer with 100 years of tradition, reliability and high quality now offers a new generation of tyres through the Mitas brand. Mitas Highlander and Kratos tyres are aimed at especially demanding and extreme terrain, they are designed to give maximum performance, traction and all round stability with a configuration of rubber compounds and textra sidewall protection. Mitas textra tyres are intended for riding and racing over rough terrain to provide superior reliability and high performance. With top vibes coming from the UK enduro scene Mitas tyres are fast gaining in popularity with many mountain bike riders.

Chia Charge

Sport nutrition experts Chia Charge based in York have harnessed the power of Chia seeds into flapjack bars, protein bars and many other products to prolong activity and help you perform to a standard you want to achieve. Chia Charge products benefit a huge number of athletes and mountain bike riders for training and competing in a range of sporting events around the UK.  Chia Charge flap jacks have become a favourite fuel of ours. Tasty, easy to eat and full of energy for all day mountain bike endurance riding.

Absolute black

Absolute Black mountain bike oval chain rings give improved rear wheel traction in every terrain combined with smooth constant cadence power to climb high with less effort; this in turn conserves energy and assists the rider’s effort to improve pedal cadence.  Oval chain rings work because they give maximum power to the pedal stroke where the power is produced and minimise resistance where it’s not needed.  Constant cadence gets stress off the knees enabling a longer period of riding with minimum effort. Climb high with Absolute Black Oval chain rings. |

C Bear

In the harsh terrain of mountain biking you need a long lasting durable bottom bracket, C–Bear ceramic bearings give silent and reliable performance. They brought the bearing housings closer to the cranks for optimal stiffness and maximum power transfer and use a precision cnc aluminium bottom bracket cup/housing instead of a plastic housing.  C-Bear offer bearing solutions to match most bottom bracket types and are
ceramic bearing specialists. |

A big thank you from Mountain Bike Garage &  Peter Rees to all our sponsors.